Below you’ll find some of my online essays as well as interviews with reporters. This work is important to me because it directly applies historical research to the pressing problems of the present. Because these crisis do not appear out of thin air, we can better address and overcome them by better understanding their origins and ongoing effects.


The Predator Class is Hungry for a Post-Roe World, The Activist History Review, 5 May 2022.

Fascism’s “Legal Phase” Has Begun. Threats of White Vigilante Violence Are Real. Truthout, 28 January 2022.

Teaching (amid a) White Backlash, Clio and the Contemporary, 12 January 2022.

The Partisan Solution: Du Bois on “The Crisis” of Racist Misinformation, The Activist History Review, 2 September 2021.

Four Years of Doing Activist History, The Activist History Review, 20 January 2021.

The true danger of Trump and his media allies denying the election results, Washington Post, 19 November 2020.

We Need an Academic New Deal, co-written with Alyssa Bowen, The Nation, 9 June 2020.

Eugenics and the White Moderate: Reflections on the COVID Crisis from Reconstruction, Society for U.S. Intellectual History, 25 May 2020.

COVID-19 Shows Republicans’ Commitment to Eugenics, co-written with Ayah Nuriddin and Kathleen Brian, The Activist History Review, 18 April 2020.

In the Hands of Racist Officials, the COVID-19 Pandemic May be a Weapon, Washington Post, 20 March 2020.

How racial segregation exacerbates flooding in Baton Rouge, Washington Post, 12 November 2019.

Migration, Madness, and Labor in Postemancipation New Orleans, The Activist History Review, 22 April 2019.

Ilhan Omar is a Reconstruction Reformer, HNN, 14 April 2019.

White Americans Fail to Address Their Family Histories, The Activist History Review, 9 February 2018.


Char Adams, The Buffalo shooting was centuries in the making, experts say, NBC, 18 May 2022.

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Char Adams, I don’t need to see another Black person die. 30 years of brutal footage hasn’t stopped these killings., Insider, 21 June 2020.