Video & Podcasts

Here you’ll find some video and podcast conversations in which I participated. These are generally less formal and meant for non-academic viewers, though I hope there’s something here for everyone.

A recent (overview) presentation I gave on the role of white evangelical Christianity in white supremacist regimes of oppression and exploitation to a prodemocracy group in Arizona.
A conversation on some of the lessons of the Haitian Revolution with activists and educators Chris Stewart and Sharif El-Mekki hosted by Ed Post.

A discussion with activist and educator Nate Bowling on the fascist organizing of the anti-LGBTQ campaign and the January 6 Hearings.

A recorded conversation of a book event I did with Yulia Gilich and Z. Zane McNeill on our contributions to Vegan Entanglements: Dismantling Racial and Carceral Capitalism. A key takeaway is that our foodways are bound up with systems of oppression and use highly coerced labor to subsidize the rest of the consumer economy. I suggest here that food sovereignty provides a possible way towards liberation, one that is increasingly urgent given the ecological and political crises we face.

An audio recording of a conversation I had with Kevin Mahoney of Raging Chicken Media on what our history of white paramilitarism in the U.S. reveals about the various disenfranchisement and suppression efforts of today’s Republican Party.

Here I speak with the hosts of Genealogy Adventures, Brian Sheffey and Donya Williams, about how and why white Americans sabotaged multiracial democracy during Reconstruction and covered up its existence during Jim Crow.

My conversation with Joshua Holland on the We’ve Got Issues podcast from Raw Story. We discuss the authoritarian landscape created by Republican state-level legislation and take a semi-tangential dive into the revival of the Cruikshank principle that limits the ability of the federal government to enforce civil rights laws by prominent Republicans.

Recording of a short talk that I gave for the 2021 Villanova Freedom School on Black socialisms. Although white America treats socialism as a neologism, Black activists have long articulated an antiracist and anticapitalist vision of equality. To emphasize this legacy of Black socialism, I examine the Black radical movement of the 1860s alongside two seminal texts produced in the late 1960s: the Ten Point Program of the Black Panther Party (1966) and “The Other America” speech (1968) given by Martin Luther King in the weeks before his murder. Together, they show how Black thinkers always tied equity to equality and how, on their own, diversity and inclusion will never bring liberation.

Laura Kilcer VanHuss, Christ Willoughby, and I discuss our research and contributions to the recently-published volume, Charting the Plantation Landscape from Natchez to New Orleans.

Everyday White Supremacy, Interview with John Henry Smith, Connecticut Public Television, 18 February 2021.
I explain the historical context and implications of the 1/6 Insurrection for a news program.

I give a brief overview of the impact of white supremacist violence on the American state and its relationship to the 1/6 Insurrection. The historical pattern of white violence shows, I argue, that if we want to live in a stable democracy, we must vigorously pursue and prosecute those who fomented the insurrection.

Ayah Nuriddin, Kathleen Brian, and I discuss the lackluster response of the Trump administration to the COVID-19 pandemic and its relationship to eugenic ideas about racial hierarchy.

I moderate an audio-only webinar discussion with Lori Gruen, Leah Kirts, and Justin Marceau on carceral veganism and the relationship of food to power.

I chair a panel with Stephanie Bonvisutto, Cortland Gilliam, Barbara Sostaita, and Hannah Greene, who discuss the meaning of praxis—applying theory and research to the present—and how it might transform our university communities.

A short video introduction to a special TAHR issue on corruption in which I suggest that white supremacy itself might be best thought of as a system of fraud.